First Steps



Thank you very much for taking the time to prayerfully read this letter containing information about the planting of Grace Church.

This document is designed to be step one in this church planting process by contacting interested people and communicating some basic initial information about the church.

Below you will find a draft of the plans for the plant, aiming also to present a variety of ways through which those being led by the Lord could become involved. It is also important to know that this is a project which will be finally shaped by those involved in it so the final form of how things will really look like is a work in progress. In addition to that, it should also be mentioned that the information below is fairly simple in order to keep this letter short and to the point. More information will be provided either through direct contact via phone or email or at the information meeting(s) to be held in the near future.

General information about the plant:
- Location: Mango Hill, Queensland.
- Activities: Sunday services (morning to begin with), prayer meetings (prior to
services and during the week), local outreaches (including street evangelism), and
fellowship gatherings and small groups.
- Denominational affiliation: aspire to be a part of QLD Baptists

The steps we will be following are:

- Contacting interested people.
- Holding information meetings with Q&A along the way.
- Assembling of a core team.
- Finding a location in the targeted area.
- Starting church meetings, including Sundays.

We will aim to achieve this by:
- Devoting ourselves to the Word of God and prayer, corporately and individually.
- Implementing simple, biblical, multi-generational, and family-oriented activities.
- Embracing a Spirit led and empowered evangelistic lifestyle in favour of the lost.

- Having all members of the body eagerly desiring and serving based on their spiritual
gifts for the building up of the body.
- Developing biblical christian fellowship.
- Renouncing pragmatism and a program driven approach to church.

The primary theological Christian beliefs which will be present in the constitution of Grace Church will be based on the “Minimum Doctrinal Statement” from the Queensland Baptists’ constitution document (Section 4.01). When it comes to the most important secondary issues of theology, those will not be present in the constitution of the church and a diversity
among the people welcomed into membership in the church can be expected and will be respected. Having said that, those in position of leadership in the church will be expected to uphold and teach the following secondary theological points:
- Reformed approach to general theological matters (especially soteriology).
- Continuationism.
- Complementarianism.
- Scriptural elder led congregationalism (Elders and deacons).
- Appreciation for historical Baptist distinctives.


There are many ways a person can choose to be involved in this church plant project. Initially, the opportunities for involvement available are:
- Prayer partners and people with an evangelistic heart
- General volunteers and attenders
- Financial supporters


Once again I would like to thank you for your willingness to seek the Lord about this opportunity. I would also like to mention that this document doesn’t carry with it any expectations whatsoever. Whatever way you decide to contribute to this gospel project, if any, is totally between you and the Lord. But, if you feel the Lord leading you in this direction and would like to find out more about Grace Church, I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me if, after reading this document, you have any follow up questions.


Ps. Giuliano Bordoni